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Americas: US restaurants help consumers reduce their sodium intake

In response to FDA’s announcement outlining a series of “voluntary targets” for restaurants and packaged-food manufacturers to reduce sodium levels, the National Restaurant Association says the industry has been proactively helping consumers reduce their sodium intake levels.

“It’s important to note that as restaurants continue to develop lower-sodium items, these efforts are challenged by consumer preference, limited technology, and acceptable lower-sodium options that take into account taste, quality and safety,” said Joan McGlockton, VP, Food Policy and Industry Affairs of the association.

“In addition, availability and feasibility depends on many factors, such as consumer expectations, the type of food, the product’s taste profile, and the restaurant’s format.”

“We joined forces with more than 70 public health and stakeholder groups to advocate for a national uniform nutrition-disclosure standard so that anyone dining out can have clear, easy-to-use nutrition information at the point of ordering.”

“Through this new federal menu-labeling standard, restaurant guests will have access to sodium and other nutrition information to help inform their choices,” he said.

“We are reviewing this draft guidance to assess next steps for our members.”