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Americas: Naturex presents traceability concept at show


Naturex debuts a customer-centric concept called Source-Convert-Deliver at SupplySide West 2017 in Las Vegas, US from September 25 to 29.

The concept will feature:

• A sustainable sourcing of ingredients with full traceability and transparency through the Pathfinder program,

• A conversion of raw materials into high value botanical ingredients accompanied by identification (ID) Packs to provide comprehensive ID verification, and

• The delivery of innovative and science-based natural solutions to foster consumers’ nutrition and health.

“Where do our raw materials come from? How are they processed? Does the finished ingredient contain the right actives in the right quantities? In which delivery system can we include the ingredients?” asks Timothée Olagne, VP Marketing, Health & Nutrition.

“By highlighting Source-Convert-Deliver on our booth at SupplySide West, we can walk people through the checks and balances we have in place, demonstrating how Naturex has mastered the supply chain from top to bottom and is therefore a very reliable partner.”

The concept will provide a framework for the company to showcase its latest nutritional ingredient innovations, including a synergistic digestive health beverage solution that harnesses the natural gastrointestinal benefits of organic ginger and turmeric.

It contains organic ginger root extract with Turmipure, Naturex’s premium-grade organic turmeric extract (95% curcuminoids).

Both components are sourced from Southern India, are USDA organic-approved, and offer guaranteed integrity and purity.

Naturex will present two new concepts focused on cognitive health: gummies featuring ThinkBlue, Naturex’s exclusive wild blueberry extract; and a beverage made with gingko and panax ginseng and flavored with cucumber and watermelon juice concentrates.

ThinkBlue helps to improve episodic memory, which is the recollection of personal experiences and specific events, including location, time, and emotions.

The association of blueberry with episodic memory is based on results from a study conducted on healthy people aged 65-80 at a daily dose of 111 mg, compared with a placebo.