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Americas: Lipofoods launch slow-release caffeine formulation in the US

Lipofoods launches Newcaff microcapsules, a natural, slow-release caffeine formulation for athletes and others living an active lifestyle.

The company will introduce the microcapsules via its distributor Stauber at SupplySide West, Las Vegas, September 28-29, 2017.

The microcapsules is a delivery system designed to mask the bitter taste of caffeine and ensure controlled release, making it more affordable for food and beverage products targeting the active lifestyle.

The distributor for North America also handles Lipophytol (a palm-free, water-dispersible phytosterol) and other advanced Lipofoods ingredients.

In an in vitro study, the caffeine released from Newcaff microcapsules was tested following Health Canada’s official method to determine the disintegration time during the digestion process.

The microcapsules-60 and microcapsules-75 showed good retention with improved sustained-release profiles compared to raw caffeine sources.

The microcapsules is available in two caffeine concentrations of 60% and 75%, providing different release profiles depending on customer preferences.

The formula is ideal for food supplements, powders, bars, gels, chewables, milkshakes, and other food products.

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