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Americas: Chipotle gets real about its ingredient offerings

Chipotle Mexican Grill launches the ‘As Real as It Gets’ advertising campaign created to support its commitment to using only real ingredients.

The launch of the campaign follows the announcement that Chipotle is the only national restaurant brand without added colors, flavors or preservatives – artificial or natural – in any of the ingredients it uses to prepare its food (except for lemon and lime juice which can be used as preservatives, though Chipotle uses them only for taste).

The campaign includes a series of videos with artistes Sam Richardson, Jillian Bell and John Mulaney ‘getting real’ as they lounge inside a surprisingly spacious burrito voiced by Jeffrey Tambor.

The comedians get real by revealing their fears, desires and secrets inside the burrito. The campaign also features radio, outdoor, digital video and banners, and social advertising that similarly conveys Chipotle’s commitment to being real.

“In a world full of fakery and half-truths, it’s invigorating to hear a brand tell it like it is,” said Mark Crumpacker, chief marketing and development officer.

“This campaign challenges the conventions of fast food advertising by being completely real — not only about our food, but about the world we live in — and it does so with an optimism and playful humor that’s very much in line with our brand.”

The company recently announced that it had rolled out new tortillas — used for their burritos, tacos and chips — that eliminated the use of preservatives and dough conditioners leaving the brand with only 51 real ingredients that are readily available at a farmer’s market or grocery store.

The milestone furthers the company’s mission to ensure that better food, prepared from whole, unprocessed ingredients is accessible to everyone.