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Americas: Supplement blend uses solvent-free technology

Life Extension’s Mediterranean Whole Food Blend contains Mazza Innovation’s proprietary solvent-free PhytoClean Method.

This means natural bioactives have been extracted using Mazza’s solvent-free pressurized-water PhytoClean extraction technology.

The product carries the PhytoClean seal on the label.

The blend contains extracts standardized to 25% polyphenols from grapes, olives, pomegranates, black walnuts, pecans, artichokes and lentils.

Mazza’s PhytoClean Method was used to extract all of these ingredients under a customer service agreement with Life Extension.

The water-based extraction process concentrates bioactives by pressurizing water at moderate temperatures; this greatly increases the water’s ability to solubilize bioactive compounds.

This extraction process generally provides better yields and purities than industrial solvents.

This process can be applied to extract a wide range of compounds for use in nutraceuticals, cosmetics, flavorings, colorings, pharmaceuticals, functional foods and beverages.

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