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Americas: Canada recognizes GFSI-recognized certification program


The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) says CanadaGAP has achieved full government recognition.

CanadaGAP is a food safety program for companies that produce, handle and broker fresh fruits and vegetables.

“New food safety regulations are on the way [in Canada] that include requirements for growing, harvesting and packing of fresh produce for interprovincial trade or export,” according to CanadaGAP.

“The program is now positioned to be a ‘model system’ for program participants needing to demonstrate they have implemented effective preventive controls [in compliance with new food safety regulations for the fresh produce sector].”

“Obtaining full recognition for CanadaGAP under the Canadian Government Food Safety Recognition Program has been years in the making, and we are proud to achieve this success,” stated Heather Gale, executive director for the CanadaGAP program.

“The requirements of the government recognition program are world-class, and the process is rigorous and demanding.”

“Working within this framework was complimentary to our efforts to obtain GFSI recognition for CanadaGAP.”

“Both avenues of recognition have ensured that the CanadaGAP program meets international standards and provides a technically sound, effectively managed certification program for the fruit and vegetable industry,” said Gale.

“Working with government representatives through the recognition process also deepened our mutual understanding of the role that accredited certification programs play in achieving public health outcomes.”

In addition to their work with industry on the Food Safety Recognition Program, the Canadian government is playing a leading role in GFSI’s global efforts in public-private collaboration for a safe global food supply.

In 2016, the new Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) policy on private certification programs was announced.

The CFIA is also paving the way forward with the G30 summit of food safety that was held in March 2017.

The meetings brought together over 100 representatives from 30 governments and multilateral organizations to discuss vital food safety topics and continued pursuit of international harmonization.