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Europe: Pharmactive Biotech releases bontanical ingredient to tackle cold, flu symptoms

Pharmactive Biotech introduces its new botanical combo, Isenolic Complex, composed of its branded Isenolic olive leaf extract (Olea europeana L.) and ribwort plantain (Plantago lanceolata).

The complex is formulated to tackle cold and flu symptoms, including throat irritations, and coughs.

It is highly water-soluble and can be readily formulated into multiple palate-pleasing applications, including foods, beverages, beverage shots, and gummies.

“Incorporating botanical relief formulas such as Isenolic Complex into syrups, shots, candies, or chewables is more desirable for consumers who tend to avoid taking pills and tablets,” says Julia Diaz, head of marketing.

“They prefer enjoying a new flavor sensation that can also help relieve cold and flu symptoms when they’re not feeling well.”

The ingredient delivers multi-target mechanisms of action, and works on several levels.

The Isenolic component of the formula is standardized to 4% elenolic acid, the key bioactive of olive leaves.

This compound has a history or scientific studies and in vitro tests demonstrating its capacity to help curb viral life cycles and support the immune system.

Isenolic was shown in a recent study to suppress 65% of influenza-A virus activity after infection, in vitro in an especially sensitive cell line.

Ribwort plantain is rich in phenylethanoids and bioavailable verbascosides.

These two phytochemicals have exhibited multifaceted beneficial capabilities, including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, tissue-healing, and antibacterial activity against a variety of gram-positive and gram-negative pathogenic bacterial strains, including Streptococcus pneumonia.

“Plantain is a wild-grown, nutritious leafy vegetable that has been revered as a highly valuable medicinal food for centuries,” explains Alberto Espinel, manager of strategic R&D in active and functional natural ingredients.

“It carries a long tradition of safe use for treating lung congestion and dry irritated coughs and is typically consumed as a warm tea concoction or hot broth. In addition to the natural helpful compounds, the leaves also contain gums that provide a soothing cough-suppressant and anti-inflammatory effect on the lower respiratory tract.”

Isenolic olive leaf extract is locally sourced from olive trees grown in Mediterranean fields and is extracted under a fully controlled process that ensures the highest purity and potency.

Isenolic Complex carries kosher, halal and doping-free certifications.

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