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Americas: Cargill releases canola oil with lowest saturated fat


Cargill has introduced the lowest saturated fat, high oleic canola oil available to commercial food customers worldwide.

The oil is made from a canola hybrid that contains 4.5% or less saturated fat while maintaining high fry and shelf life performance, freshness and taste.

It reduces saturated fat content 35% from previous canola oil generations.

Cargill’s high oleic, low saturated canola oil joins other oils and shortenings offered commercially under the Clear Valley brand.

North American growers can select the premium canola bred for this oil under the Victory brand.

The canola hybrid was developed through traditional breeding methods, with a focus on club root and black leg disease resistance, as well as strong yield performance.

Growers can add herbicide tolerance as an optional genetic modification, depending on their markets and preference.

First deliveries of the oil will reach Cargill’s customers in early 2018, supporting USDA and Health and Human Services 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines that encourage Americans to limit saturated fat intake to 10% of their daily calories.