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Americas: Cargill releases native starches


Cargill launches a portfolio of functional native starches under the new SimPure.

The first product in the SimPure portfolio, SimPure 99560, was created for use in culinary and convenience applications, such as frozen foods.

A custom starch blend of various botanical sources, SimPure 99560 can replace modified starches in frozen-ready meals, without compromising taste, texture or appearance.

While using a single starch often falls short in replicating the mouthfeel, texture and stability provided by modified starches in frozen prepared entrée sauces, the patent-pending SimPure 99560 provides optimal freeze-heat stability in mild processing conditions, preventing water separation and producing stable functionality over time.

It offers good viscosity in processing and microwave cooking stability.

The ingredient maintains mouthfeel and texture, delivering on consumers’ sensory expectations.