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Americas: Bosch to demostrate granola bars packaging at show


Bosch Packaging Technology will showcase a new customer project to produce and package granola bars on a fully integrated bar system, from mixing to palletizing at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2017 from September 25 to 27.

Canadian confectionery manufacturer, Riverside Natural Foods wanted a solution from mix to pallet for its MadeGood granola bars.

Using Bosch’s solution, after all ingredients of the granola bars are mixed, the WRF 600 Flex roller formed a defined slab.

The new WRW 600 Flex compression roller then precisely compresses the slab to the needed height and weight.

The WRF two roller former-concept in combination with a cross flow tempering allows for an even mass slab and gentle product handling.

Both, the WRF and WRW former operate with full flexibility in width and height and they minimize or completely avoid any cutting off or ‘trimming’ of edges.

The rolled out slab is pre-cooled, cut lengthwise, and fanned out, only to then be cut crosswise and cooled completely.

The granola bars then enter the Sigpack DGDE, a distribution station that gently places the products in line.

The electrical cabinet amongst others is now integrated into the layout, resulting in an increase in output per square meter.

The intelligent Sigpack FIT product infeed with linear motor technology facilitates push-button format changes, as well as fast, non-contact and gentle product feeding.

Next, the products are transported to the Sigpack HRM flow wrapper, which wraps 600 bars per minute.

The high performance splicing unit applied to the flow wrapper enables seamless splicing, improves line efficiency by minimizing downtime and reduces product waste.

The wrapped products continue on to the Sigpack TTM1 topload cartoner, which forms, loads and closes up to 100 cartons per minute.

The patented changeover concept allows for maximum pack style flexibility.

The cartons are then processed by the Elematic 1001 sideload case packer, which packs them into regular slotted cases, also known as American cases.

Both machines enable tool-less changeovers in a few minutes.

In the last step, a so-called Cobot – collaborative robot – handles palletizing.

‚ÄúRiverside currently packages three different formats for customers in over 30 countries. Consequently, quick changeover times are crucial in order to switch between the different formats with maximum efficiency and flexibility,” says Klaus Haebig, sales manager for North America at Bosch Packaging Systems and project in-charge.