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Europe: DSM exhibits solutions for brewers in Brau Beviale 2016

DSM highlights its Brewers Clarex and Filtrase NL Fast technologies for brewers to optimize their production processes and reduce their environmental footprint at Brau Beviale from November 8 to 10, 2016, in Nuremberg, Germany.

Brewers Clarex is created to stabilize beer within a shorter span of time.

The solution also reduces energy usage, waste and beer loss and delivers the consistent beer quality that the world’s breweries expect.

Brewers Clarex reduces the time required for stabilization from days to hours, thus enabling brewers to accelerate time to market without the need for sizable investments in production expansion.

In addition to clear performance benefits, a DSM study has revealed that Brewers Clarex enables gluten-free beer production.

With no effect on taste, this is a significant opportunity for brewers looking to support consumers with gluten intolerance or those who choose to avoid gluten for general health reasons.

Meanwhile, the improved Filtrase NL Fast solution eliminates the effect that variation in raw material can have on wort and beer filtration and decreases the throughput time.

This filtration-brewing enzyme works fast and can quickly and easily be integrated into any beer production process.