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Americas: Company releases pasta made with cricket flour

Bugsolutely launches the Cricket Pasta and enters the fast growing market of food products based on edible insects.

The company says Cricket Pasta is high protein, calcium, iron, vitamin B12, and Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids.

High in sustainability, crickets need very little food and water (1,000 times less than a cow) and they grow very quickly.

For this reason, United Nation’s FAO and other International organizations are supporting the diffusion of edible insects in western countries (insects are already part of the human diet in Asia, South America and Africa).

Experts say insects are the protein of the future – 70% of crickets are made of protein.

Bugsolutely Cricket Pasta is made from a mix of durum semolina flour, wheat flour and cricket flour sourced from selected, certified suppliers.

The production chain follows international standards and the product is Thai FDA approved. With the cricket flour, the pasta gets a brown color and a nutty taste.

The product is available as fusilli, in a 350 g sealed package.

Other pasta formats will be released this year.

Booming edible insect revolution

In October 2015 the European Parliament voted in favor of a new regulation leading to a green light for edible insects and some EU countries are already accepting them as food.

The US FDA only requires the edible insects to be raised for human consumption and the food to be safe.

More than one hundred startups subsequently entered the market in 2015.