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Europe: Chemometric Brain release cloud-based QC system

Chemometric Brain, a cloud-based software solution, has been launched as a unique quality control system based on a near infrared technology (NIR) to guarantee the traceability, suitability and homogeneity of ingredients and food products, especially in recipes containing multiple ingredients.

Near Infrared can be applied to many types of samples including powders, solids, gels and liquids and provide a consistent identification and comparison against other samples.

As a result, this will increase food-safety standards and establish a precise and fully replicable quality-control process.

This solution can be used to identify raw materials, detect possible changes in suppliers’ processes, ensure the exact mixture composition, better determine the expected product shelf-life or analyze physical-chemical properties, among others.

Unlike existing NIR solutions, Chemometric Brain is reportedly the only software in the cloud, and it allows a company to consolidate all NIR spectra (the results of the analysis) from multiple devices and multiple equipment manufacturers in one single place.

Once the spectra have been automatically uploaded from the NIR scanner, Chemometric Brain uses a qualitative approach to identify how the ‘fingerprint’ of a sample fits within a standard library previously created for the same product and then highlights any variation from the specific product.

The solution has hundreds of product libraries available, as a result of more than 12 years of work and research, which makes identification easier and can be rapidly implemented in any food company.

The solution has been developed and trailed over last years by a team lead by Dr Beatriz Carrasco, Chemometric Brain CTO, who recognized that the data available from NIR spectra could be used in many new applications apart from the initial scope of powder-based food and nutrition.

The system has been reviewed by CRA-W, the Walloon Agricultural Research Centre, an European organization specialized in food research.

It was originally created as proprietary software of Blendhub, a global network for food production through multi-localized production hubs.

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