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Americas: Saxco designs tequila bottles for US consumers


Saxco International has created packing for tequila drinks for Savage and Cooke, and the Ramirez family.

Besides designing the bottles, Saxco sourced and supplied a private mold 750 ml cosmetic quality flint bottle with a short neck, square shoulders and a thick bottom from a supplier from Mexico.

The bottle was embossed with a decorative ‘A’ on its front and was used for both variations of the new spirit.

Following the custom graphic design for the label, Saxco used another reliable source to hand paint the labels using precious metals which help create an overall look commensurate with the Ayate Tequila’s flavors.

The bottle was finished off with a custom glass closure supplied through Savage and Cooke.

Saxco also provided a three-pack custom gift/display laminated with a black and gold foil on its front.

Ayate Resposado is sourced from the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico and is finished in Dave Phinney’s Chardonnay barrels.

It is lively with notes of stone fruit, lime, melon and vanilla bean.

Similarly sourced produced, Ayate Anejo is rich and decadent with dark chocolate, toffee and sweet spice.

Both are 80-proof and being targeted at male and female Tequila lovers, ages 30 to 55 years in the US.