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Asia Pacific: GNT releases micronized powders

The GNT Group markets a micronized powder range based on Colouring Foods under its Exberry brand.

The new product range is designed to give vibrant and natural colors to instant beverages, sweet and savory snacks, pressed tablets and seasonings, as well as chocolate and compound coatings.

The powders are made from fruit, vegetables and edible plants such as radishes, purple potatoes, black carrots, safflower and spirulina.

As for all Exberry Colouring Foods, only water and gentle physical processing methods such as pressing, chopping and filtering are applied.

No artificial additives, chemicals or organic solvents are included.

The micronized powders are available in yellow, red, pink, purple and blue, and can be mixed to a wide spectrum of color shades.

Colors for clear labelling

The micronized powders have a reduced particle size of 15 ┬Ám.

This strongly enhances the adhesion properties in dry applications, guaranteeing highly homogenous and intense color solutions.

Good water solubility and improved mixing stability for powder blends are additional major benefits of the new product range.

Micronized powders, like all Colouring Foods, are ingredients and not additives.

They can be declared on the ingredient list as Colouring Food (concentrate of black carrots and radishes) and for clean label, vegetarian, kosher and halal food products.

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