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Americas: Frutarom reports high demand for HyperPure ingredients


Frutarom Health BU reports a surge in demand for its EFLA HyperPure Line in the US since the beginning of 2016 due to diminishing consumer trust in supplements and the call for short ingredient lists.

“We’ve received increased attention from US supplement manufacturers concerned about possible contamination, and thus are seeking botanical extracts with safety assurances—as with the EFLA HyperPure seal,” explains GM Holger Riemensperger.

“our HyperPure technology has become an industry standard for safety and purity. Customers want to know more about this patented process; they understand it helps create a competitive advantage for their herbal supplements.”

According to a 2015 consumer survey from New Hope Network’s NEXT Data and Insights division, 19.5% of core supplement users have ‘less trust’ in supplements than in 2013.

Among general consumers of supplements, a ‘slightly less concerned’ 15.4% have less trust in these products than in 2013.

Among general consumers, 31.4% said they “never trusted” supplements.

Frutarom’s HyperPure technology, originally used in the company’s Swiss pharmaceutical-grade facility, gently processes botanical nutraceuticals, without impairing their bioactivity or health benefits.

This sustainable, ‘eco-green’ technology maintains the nature of the ingredient while achieving improved solubility.

“By using the proprietary HyperPure technology, we can ensure the removal of a wide range of contaminants,” says CSO Matthias Kreuter.

These include pesticides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and unsaturated fatty acids that undergo rapid peroxidation, degrading other ingredients and producing undesired by-products such as heptanol.