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Asia Pacific: DSM invests S$200K in Singapore university


DSM establishes a DSM Senior Fellow in Partnership and Sustainability at the Singapore Management University (SMU) through a S$200,000 (US$148,905.63) grant.

The announcement was made on April 28, 2016, at the Annual Tri-sector Forum organized by SMU.

“We are delighted that, through the Masters of Tri-Sector Collaboration program at SMU, this Fellowship will help to advance knowledge, foster best practices, help shape policies, facilitate networks and promote partnerships in sustainable development,” says Pieter Nuboer, DSM’s Asia Pacific VP.

The DSM Senior Fellow appointed by SMU is Simon Zadek, a Senior Fellow at the Global Green Growth Institute and the International Institute of Sustainable Development.

His work is focused on the intersection of economic policy, business strategy and transformation, and sustainability outcomes.

During the course of his fellowship, Zadek will be teaching a course on ‘Partnership Mindset and Sustainability’; looking at the rationale behind the three sectors working together more closely to build businesses and societies that are able to thrive in an interconnected 21st century environment.

The partnership with SMU sets the foundation for tri-sector collaborations to discover new opportunities and new solutions to overcome societal challenges, such as climate change, energy, health and wellbeing.

This in turn will boost economic prosperity, environmental quality and social responsibility, in line with the DSM mission to improve the lives of people today and for generations to come.