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Americas: Company produces Mac and Cheese patent

World Patent Marketing, a manufacturer and engineer of patented products, announces Margie’s Southern Comfort Foods, a food patent that improves how Mac and Cheese is prepared.

“The global fast food market is worth US$568 billion per year,” says Scott Cooper, CEO and creative director.

“The industry will continue to surge in the next five years despite increasing health risks associated with a diet high in fat, salt and sugar.”

“An alternative to this would be to encourage people to choose home-made meals instead of fast food ones.”

“One of the most favorite comfort foods is Mac and Cheese,” says Jerry Shapiro, director of manufacturing and World Patent Marketing Inventions.

“The mouthwatering taste of cheese always makes us deliciously full and satisfied.”

“Margie’s Southern Comfort Foods is a food patent that provides a new technique on how to prepare this classic recipe.”

Margie’s Southern Comfort Foods makes use of amazing ingredients such as extra sharp cheese, Velveeta cheese, whipping cream, eggs and other delicious ingredients that are easy and convenient to get hold of.

The dish results in a creamy, flavorsome, and warming meal topped with cheese.