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World: Frutarom Health releases PAH-free ingredients

Frutarom Health BU launches the EFLA HyperPure natural ingredients line in response to new regulations to prevent polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and other contaminants in food supplements.

The European Union’s 2015/1933 PAH regulation includes maximum levels of PAHs in food supplements.

The high levels of PAHs found in certain food supplements containing, or derived from, botanical ingredients, has led to the establishment of maximum levels for PAHs in these products to provide high level of human health protection.

The new line comprises a selected range of extracts that is produced using proprietary technology.

These extracts are derived from raw materials especially susceptible to contamination by PAHs.

“Many botanical ingredients could have difficulty complying with this new regulation,” says Matthias H. Kreuter Ph.D., CSO of Frutarom Health.

“Until now, only a few techniques enabling the removal of contaminants are available, for example application of supercritical carbon dioxide, activated charcoal, and hexane.”

“But these techniques involve non-selective processes that can cause the loss of active ingredients and can be harmful to the environment or pose a risk of toxicity.”

Frutarom’s patented process technology, EFLA HyperPure, allows for the highly selective removal of unwanted contaminants such as pesticides, PAHs, unsaturated fatty acids that undergo rapid peroxidation, degrading other ingredients and producing undesired by-products such as heptanol.

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