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Asia Pacific: Region’s love for convenience drive packaging demand

The growth rate of Asia Pacific in Food and beverages (F&B) packaging is highest and expected to grow further among all the region attributed to the rising infrastructure and increased purchasing power of the consumers of this region, according to Persistence Market Research.

North America represents the largest market followed by Asia Pacific and Europe.

Consumer’s preference for convenience and the low prices of large family packs in carbonated soft drinks (CSD) are driving strong growth of plastic bottles.

The packaging requirements from alcoholic drinks market are driving the market of glass bottles packaging.

Additionally growing consumer interest in craft, low alcohol by volume and premium beer, are providing new opportunities for glass packaging in North America and Europe.

Some of the other major drivers of the industry include increasing requirement for convenience among consumers, rising health awareness among consumers, new packaging material development, developing recycling infrastructure of packaging materials and brand enhancement and development in the field of retail industry in Asia Pacific.

The region is the largest producer of agricultural foods such as cereals, roots, tubers, oilseed and pulses, nuts, fruit and vegetables.

It also produces animal products and fish in large quantities.

Packaging 101

Packaging provides protection, tampering resistance and special physical, chemical, or biological needs for F&B products.

Further food packaging aids food nutrition, rapid and reliable distribution of food among the value chain and reduces post-harvest losses.

The different types of packaging materials use in the food and beverages industries are rigid and flexible plastic, paperboard, leather, wood, earthenware, vegetable fibers and textile, metal, beverages cans, aerosols and glass.

The major application of these packaging materials in beverages industry is found in beer packaging, carbonated soft drinks packaging, energy drinks packaging, ready to drink ice tea packaging and alcoholic drink packaging.

It is often observed that one product may require more than one type of packaging.

The packaging of F&B is performed with various technology such as shrink wrapping, shrink sleeve wrapping, modified atmosphere packaging, sealed tray food packaging, fin seal/ flow wrap packaging, vertical form fill and seal or VFFS bagging, folding carton packaging and corrugated case and tray packaging.

There has been rising demand for ready-prepared foods, including microwave meals for time-poor consumers. Increasing demand from tea, bottled water and CSD market is driving beverages packaging market around the globe.

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