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Americas: Ice cream distributor reports 99.8% picking accuracy after using voice management solution

Voice application company Voxware says Mt. Pleasant Ice Cream, a 20-year distributor of ice cream, frozen yogurt, toppings, and paper products, has improved picking accuracy to 99.8% and increased efficiency as a result of deploying Voxware’s voice management solution.

The accuracy and efficiency improvements have resulted in labor savings and an improved experience for consumers.

By deploying the Voxware VMS voice application, Mt. Pleasant was able to decrease the number of pickers and eliminate the need for permanent auditors in the company’s 30,000 square foot East Rutherford, New Jersey facility.

Mt. Pleasant also leveraged VoxPilot, an analytics tool within the Voxware cloud solution, to identify picking lags and improve picking speed.

“We’re extremely happy with our investment in Voxware and expect to see measurable savings from accuracy and efficiency gains,” said president Michael Muray.

“We have improved our accuracy from 99.5% to 99.8%. Although 99.5 sounds great, it translates to one mis-pick out of 200.”

“With deployment of Voxware we are now able to pull 500 cases with potentially only one mis-pick.”

“Since many of our products are frozen, our pickers work in a minus 20 freezer environment, and it’s especially important that items leave the warehouse accurately, and are loaded in a timely manner due to the temperature sensitive nature of the products we sell,” said Anna Lisa Famania, VP of operations.

“Voxware worked with us to understand these needs and our operation as a whole, and then helped us implement a plan to address them.”

Mt. Pleasant ships 75,000 cases a month to ice cream and frozen yogurt shops between Boston and Washington, DC.

The company periodically hires seasonal or temporary workers and has found that the voice solution makes it easy to train new hires in just a few days compared to a much lengthier training time with a paper-based system, which contributes to further labor savings.

The Voxware VMS solution is available in the cloud to help companies improve customer experience by fulfilling orders more accurately and efficiently.

The hands free system increases workers’ safety and makes it easy to check orders during the picking process.

Additionally, since the Voxware VMS application is available in the cloud with a subscription-based pricing model, warehouses can avoid a massive upfront capital investment and experience a lower total cost of ownership.


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