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Americas: Dupont releases plant protein range for snacks, bars

DuPont Nutrition & Health has launched six plant protein nuggets from its Supro and Trupro product range containing more protein or less sodium than previous offerings, in a broader array of formats and textures.

Plant protein ‘nuggets’ or ‘crisps’ are extruded ingredients that are commonly used in nutrition bars, snacks and cereals to increase protein content while delivering crispy, crunchy texture.

The new offerings include Supro NUGGETS 310 LS, an oval-shaped soy protein nugget offering 80% protein (dry basis) and less than 120 mg sodium per 100 g is ideal for applications with reduced sodium targets.

The company’s Supro Soy Protein Nuggets with Cocoa range deliver 82% protein (dry basis) in a variety of shapes and sizes.
In applications like snack bars, these nuggets resemble chocolate cookie bits, flakes or chips.

Pea protein is an increasingly popular plant-based protein source without an allergen labeling.

The DuPont pea protein nuggets, derived from conventionally grown, non-GM yellow peas, have 70% protein (dry basis) in a greater variety of shapes.

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