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Americas: Toyo Ink Brasil releases PU-based inks

Toyo Ink Brasil presents an upgraded lineup of high-performance polyurethane-based surface and lamination inks for flexo and gravure printing.

The company offers systems, from general-purpose snack structures to high-end retort and hot-fill packaging applications.

“Demand [in Latin America] continues to grow for packaging solutions that offer greater convenience features, stronger barriers, and lighter weight materials, and for shorter print runs,” said director Sergio Pera.

“For this reason, we have been working closely with our customers to improve our range of polyurethane resin-based inks to meet their requirements for greater versatility, performance.”

The company’s new line of PU-based lamination inks offered by Toyo Ink Brasil includes the general-purpose Liotech solvent-based flexo and gravure systems.

For general up to high-end retort applications that require excellent content resistence, the company has available the Liovalue solvent-based gravure series, the Rexta solvent-based flexo series, the Aquaecol water-based gravure series and the Aqua Liona water-based flexo series.

Based on the Group’s pigment dispersion system, Toyo Ink Brasil’s polyurethanes or PU lineup shows high color density for a wider color gamut, all the while providing excellent bond strengths.

They also leverage the company’s advanced cross-link technology for PU resins, making it possible for converters to engineer packaging structures that exhibit heat and content resistance, as well as low solvent retention for very low odor.

These systems are well suited for printing on substrates such as corona treated OPP, PET, Nylon, without a primer or any other chemical treatment.

Moreover, with the low glass-transition temperature of its special PU resins, Toyo Ink Brasil could develop inks that demonstrate excellent stress-relaxation capability.

This is essential in avoiding delamination during the retort process, when the different layers of laminated packaging structures expand or contract due to temperature changes.

The company displayed the line-up of PU-based systems at Fispal Tecnologia 2018 last month.

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