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Americas: FAM releases cutting machines for produce

The FAM Centris 400 hits the market as a centrifugal cutting machine for the fruit, vegetable and potato industry.

It is part of the NECST product range, which stands for Next Evolution in Centrifugal Slicing Technology.

It joins the FAM Centris 315 and the FAM Centris 315P, which were launched in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

FAM and Stumabo collaborated in designing NECST as part of their efforts to resolve some key problems faced by the centrifugal processing industry.

The Centris line has a patented cutting head, which features twice as many cutting segments as the first generation cutting heads.

The machine can operate at a lower speed, but still maintain the same capacity.

Products are subjected to less acceleration, which significantly increases their shelf life.

Other benefits include reduced product loss and less damage to products.

The new machine also features other improvements, as FAM and Stumabo developed a new assembly technology for cutting heads: GapSet Technology.

This technology allows simple adjustment of the slice thickness.

In addition, the new assembly technology is accurate and improves the stability of the blades, so the cutting heads need no adjustment during production and reduces maintenance time.

The weight per cutting head has also been reduced from 22 kg to 12 kg, and the number of parts by 20%.

The machine is also upgraded with a direct drive, which replaces the difficult-to-maintain and expensive gearbox.

It is powered by a carbon-reinforced drive belt, and two toothed pulleys with hardened teeth.