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Europe: Tomra offers Wash & Waste unit for recycling

Tomra Collection Solutions has launched the Wash & Waste, a sink and waste bin combined in a unit in the style of the company’s reverse vending machines.

Reverse vending machines, often located at retailers, collect empty bottles and cans for reuse and recycling.

The first Wash & Waste has been installed at the Jumbo Wiegmans supermarket in Apeldoorn in The Netherlands.

The unit stems from the combination of two trends within the retail environment: responsible environmental management and the creation of an optimum experience in the physical store.

Addressing these trends, the store’s recycling point grows from one reverse vending machine to a complete collection wall aimed at promoting recycling.

At the same time, it provides convenience and a pleasant shopping experience for the consumer.

“Obviously, empty drink cans or bottles of deep-fryer fat (for returning to TOMRA’s ECO-Wall collection system for multiple recyclable materials) can leak into the consumer’s bag and leave sticky residue on hands,” says said René de Hart, supervisor production and logistics.

“What could be more customer-friendly than allowing consumers to wash their hands immediately and dispose of the contaminated plastic bag?”

The Wash & Waste features a sink and contactless tap, and includes a soap dispenser and paper towels.

There is a trash can placed under the drain for recyclers to dispose of their plastic bags.