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Europe: Baker Perkins offers preconditioner for extruders

The Preconditioner joins the Baker Perkins SBX Master range.

It mixes, heats and hydrates wet and dry ingredients, as well as steams in a two-chamber system.

At the first stage, energy is in a high intensity mixing phase.

The second stage allows the energy and moisture to equalize throughout the preconditioned mass, eliminating any tendency to clump and achieving a mix profile for successful extrusion processing.

The unit adds flexibility in the cereal and snack sectors when applied to denser materials such as half products formed in the extruder and expanded elsewhere – flaked cereals and multi-grain loops are typical.

It is also ideal for high-protein products where energy input in the Preconditioner replaces mechanical shear energy in the extruder.

There is an optional wash-in-place water spray system and an unrestricted access for manual cleaning.

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