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Europe: Hanovia holds webinar on water treatment

Hanovia will host a webinar to help manufacturers optimize the removal of chlorine within their water treatment operations.

The 60-minute interactive presentation by sales and marketing director Tim McDougle and Western European sales manager James Hadley will take place on May 23, 2017 at 3pm.

The session will outline how ultra violet dechlorination can reduce water treatment maintenance and lifecycle costs while providing enhanced protection against bio-contamination.

Hygienic applications such as pharmaceutical and food and beverage manufacturing desire clean water treatment technologies with minimal bacteria build-up and downtime.

Combining pre-treatment with reverse osmosis (RO) is common practice for removing a broad range of inorganic and organic impurities and the addition of electro-deionization (EDI) in pharmaceutical purified water systems guarantees sub-ppm levels of salts.

Although these stable technologies require minimal maintenance, they must be protected from oxidizing species that affect performance and lifespan. Removal of free and total chlorine in process lines prior to RO and EDI is essential.

There are two traditional methods for this – Activated Carbon Filtration (ACF) and Sodium Meta-Bisulphite dosing (SMB).

Although well proven, these methods demonstrate certain limitations, principally that they are prone to microbial contamination that increases the bio-burden on EDI and RO membranes, leads to increased cleaning frequency and creates higher operating costs.

To help explain how to overcome these issues, the webinar will outline how UV light can be used as a dechlorination technology, replacing the need for ACF and SMB.

This helps to deliver optimum dechlorination performance without the problems associated with these traditional technologies.

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