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Asia Pacific: Fonterra releases UHT milk powder


The new NZMP GOLD Whole Milk Powder for ultra-high temperature (UHT) gives manufacturers longer production runs over standard milk powders.

It also provides cleaner labelling on the final product and consistent shelf life stability.

The product offers superior UHT stability and consistent product performance in the process and the formulation.

It has good solubility, flow properties and a rich creamy flavour.

Jarod Brain, a senior research engineer at Fonterra Research and Development Centre, says UHT milk has become increasingly price sensitive and as a result the R&D team looked for ways to enable customer cost efficiencies during the manufacturing process.

“By developing an even more stable UHT whole milk powder, we’ve been able to reduce the rate of fouling within UHT sterilisers,” says Brain.

“This allows businesses to run production lines for longer and reduces batch losses, compared to standard whole milk powders.”

“Fewer batch losses mean that our customers are able to minimise wastage, which is also great for the environment.”

Fonterra also identified ways to help UHT milk manufacturers differentiate from competitors and increase their consumer sales proposition.

“Clean labelling is a trend affecting more and more food and beverage companies – and UHT milk is included in this,” says Brain.

“By controlling critical parameters in the UHT whole milk powder, we’ve been able to reduce the need for our customers to use any additives to manage processing challenges, meaning fewer ingredients on their final ingredient list.”

“Changes in the manufacturing process also allow us to help our customers achieve a longer, more consistent shelf life in their product.”

NZMP GOLD Whole Milk Powder for UHT is the result of more than two years of research and development, including working closely with a leading producer of UHT milk drinks to meet their specific manufacturing and shelf-life stability requirements.

Through this process NZMP identified critical parameters in whole milk powder composition that lead to superior performance in UHT milk drinks.