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Europe: DuPont helps develop nutritious sherbet for patients


DuPont Nutrition & Health, a Danish hospital and ice cream manufacturer are developing nutritious ice cream products for hospital patients at risk of undernourishment.

They have created a range of frozen sherbets, which is high in protein and fiber and with a refreshing quality that targets patients with a small appetite and an impaired sense of taste or swallowing difficulties.

Undernourishment is a potential problem for an estimated 40% of hospital patients. However, many of the nutrient-dense foods available for hospital nutrition have a heavy texture and taste that patients reject.

DuPont began work on the project to develop appealing, easy-to-serve alternatives in cooperation with the nutrition research and development department at Aalborg University Hospital in Denmark.

Following an acceptance test by hospital patients, the range is now ready for production by Aabybro Dairy, a Danish manufacturer of specialty ice cream.

“Patients with a small appetite often struggle to eat a whole portion of the high-protein, high-calorie products currently on the market,” says Mads Wiene, application specialist at DuPont.

“Our goal was to develop a nutritious, fresh-tasting snack product that could be given to patients on demand.”