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Europe: Kerry Foods’ yogurt lolly an award finalist


Kerry Foods is celebrating alongside Amcor as Yollies was a finalist for the Best Dairy Packaging Design award at World Dairy Innovation awards (WDIA) in London, UK recently.

Yollies Yogurt Lolly is a yogurt lolly made with thickened yogurt and fruit puree designed for children’s lunchboxes.

Kerry Foods chose Unifill to help develop the shape and the filling solution and selected Amcor to supply the ideal thermoforming packaging material.

The resulting stay-fresh pod shape is very distinctive, helping to build a Yollies’ brand personality as the laminate is transformed to form the Yollies’ shape.

Amcor’s easy peel and release film technology allows the product to come out of the pod easily so that the children can eat the yogurt on the stick with no mess.