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Asia Pacific: Fujitsu company to grow, sell kale in Japan

Smart Agriculture Iwata (SAC iWATA) will begin full-fledged sales in Japan of kale that can be eaten fresh and uncooked as the first product in its B-Food brand series of functional foods that are intended to facilitate health and beauty.

B-food is a functional food brand name based on the concept of ‘Flowering Beauty through the Power of Seeds’.

Masuda Seed developed the kale from seedlings, which were grown in cultivation facilities using advanced environmental controls.

Unlike ordinary kale used in green juices and so forth, this kale has softer leaves that are less bitter, making it easier to eat raw.

It can be used as-is in salads or a variety of other foods, such as soups, stir-fry, and smoothies.

Going forward, SAC iWATA will produce this kale using optimal cultivation technology in an environment where factors such as temperature and humidity are controlled using Fujitsu’s information and communication technology, and provide it to businesses across Japan, such as supermarkets and the restaurant industry.

SAC iWATA, which started business on April 1, 2016 with investment from Fujitsu, ORIX and

In addition, the company plans to continue to add new varieties to its B-Food series, such as nutrient-rich tomatoes and bell peppers, by fusing its cutting-edge environmental control, cultivation, and processing technology with the development ability of its partner seedling company.