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Europe: DSM unveils digestive health platform

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DSM Nutritional Products launches ‘Improve your digestion’ platform, which provides solutions for creating customized products to support requirements for digestive health.

“‘Improve Your Digestion’ is a one-stop shop combining scientific studies, applications expertise, regulatory knowledge and consumer insights,” says global marketing manager Ruedi Duss.

“The platform includes solutions for healthy enzymatic digestion for optimal nutrient breakdown and effective processing of ‘undesirable’ food components, such as lactose and gluten.”

“In addition, DSM has combined solutions incorporating the essential nutrients for maintaining healthy microbial flora and gut wall.”

Probiotics have so far been the most popular choice for gut health.

The platform extends to a comprehensive portfolio that features enzymes Tolerase L and Tolerase G, for processing lactose and gluten.

A selection of nutraceutical ingredients, such as pre- and probiotics and OatWell dietary fibers from oat beta-glucan have proven benefits for healthy gut, bowel function and intestinal immunity.

The new health benefit platform also includes vitamins A, B2, C, D, E, biotin, niacin, nutritional lipids and DSM’s Fabuless patented oil-in-water emulsion.

Fortitech Premixes by DSM delivers precise blends of the desired functional ingredients in one single, efficient, homogenous premix.