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Americas: Kerry opens institute

The Kerry Health and Nutrition Institute has opened, supported by a Scientific Advisory Council.

The institute aims to provide insight into the science and policy of health, taste, nutrition and general wellness.

It has three guiding principles:

• To educate on health and wellness market trends and to provide knowledge on nutritional considerations across life stages and need states,

• To connect with the global scientific community on regulatory and policy matters, and evolutions in scientific research, and

• To advance scientific knowledge to help deliver great tasting, nutritious food and beverages, and to advance Kerry’s nutrition research program.

Across the globe, public health challenges such obesity and diabetes are increasingly prevalent across all ages and in all corners of the globe.

This has substantially increased the focus on improving the nutritional quality of food supply to enable more nutritious and healthier food and beverage choices, while maintaining convenience.

Despite this, Datamonitor says taste remains the most important factor to 41% of consumers globally when choosing food or drink products – manufacturers cannot afford to look at nutrition in isolation.