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Europe: Bizerba acquires Luceo, expands visual inspection capabilities

Bizerba has acquired the food sector of the French company Luceo SAS, which the latter is part of the Tiama Group. Luceo provides visual inspection technology solutions to food producers.

The new Bizerba Luceo SAS will operate from France and starts its business on April 1st 2015.

Metal detectors and devices for x-ray and visual inspection are already an important part of Bizerba’s portfolio.

“Against the backdrop of recent scandals, the issue of quality control in the food sector is becoming increasingly important,” says Christian Korte, VP of industry at Bizerba and CEO of Bizerba Luceo.

“With the Luceo products, we are expanding our existing range of solutions for detecting debris or foreign particles, particularly in the premium segment.”

“Luceo is the technological leader in detecting damage to seals, as well as in real-time production monitoring. Our clients benefit from the highest degree of safety and quality control provided by the acquisition,” he says.

In addition, Luceo offers patented sensors that can be directly integrated in packaging machines, and that make it possible to detect errors even earlier in the production process.

The Luceo inspection portfolio also includes the so-called SliceCheck system.

Food producers can use the system, with the support of a camera, to monitor the slicing of sausage before the packaging process and to optimize this using feedback loops pertaining to product thickness, appearance, and fat content.

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