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Europe: Multivac presents seafood, fish packaging solutions at show in Brussels

Multivac will be presenting a thermoforming packaging machine for MultiFresh vacuum skin applications, as well as a traysealer and a double chamber machine for packaging seafood and fish products at Seafood Processing Europe in Brussels, Germany from April 21 to 23, 2015.

The compact R 105 MF (MultiFresh) thermoforming packaging machine is designed to produce vacuum skin packs in small and medium-sized batches.

The entry-level model features exactly the same technical equipment as the large machine models.

The machine is equipped with upper web chain guidance and heating of the upper web.

The integrated upper web chain guidance ensures that the film is firmly guided right into the sealing station. There the film is heated up once more, before being draped without creases over the product and sealed to the entire surface of the lower web.

The company also approved an extensive range of skin films for producing vacuum skin packs, which are marketed under the MultiFresh brand.

Multivac will display the compact, fully automatic T 300 traysealer for packing fish portions and seafood in trays. This is designed for a wide spectrum of trays, and the machine also supports rapid format change.

Its space-saving machine concept also makes it at-tractive to producers with restricted premises, since the T 300, which is designed for a maximum of three tracks, has a loading area with two loading positions despite an overall length of 2.45 m.

Thanks to its high-quality and durable stainless steel construction, as well as the systematic integration of the Multivac Hygienic Design, the machine can be cleaned very easily and therefore contributes to maintaining the highest hygiene standards.

As regards vacuum packing in film pouches, the company will be showing a BASELINE chamber machine, which makes it possible to produce high-quality packs at an attractive price.

With its chamber size of 600 x 500 x 160 mm, the BASELINE P 600 double chamber machine can pack whole fish.

This compact machine accelerates the packaging procedure, since the operating processes run parallel to each other: while one chamber is being evacuated, the other can be loaded.

The P 600 can also pack inert gas.

It is equipped with double-seam sever sealing for removal of the excess length of the film pouch.