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Europe: DSM introduces coagulant for long-lasting cheese texture

DSM introduces Maxiren XDS, a coagulant that helps cheese producers extend the shelf life of the texture of their cheese, at the International Cheese Technology Exhibition in Milwaukee (US) and South African Society of Dairy Technology Symposium in Cape Town.

In particular mozzarella, cheddar and string cheese makers depend on good extended texture to offer retailers flexible lead times.

DSM says Maxiren XDS has been designed to meet all process requirements and maintains whey value.

Increasing shelf life of products helps retailers meet high consumer demands for string cheese quality and taste, without having to face lead time and stock management issues.

This is also true for cheddar where an increase in exports also demands extended shelf life.

Consumers enjoy the typical stretching, taste and browning of mozzarella, which can be increased with improved texture.

The new ingredient is created to help prevent changes over time in the protein structure – the main determinant of the texture of cheese – that can impact on consumer preference and cheese processors’ acceptance.

The coagulant does so due to its specific proteolytic activity – the breakdown of cheese proteins – that is slower than with other coagulants.

It has a high specificity, which lowers the amount of coagulant required.

As such, DSm says Maxiren XDS contributes to dosage improvement and the retention of cheese texture over the entire shelf life.

An improved cheese texture also provides more and better options for shredding, slicing and dicing after production and minimizes cheese losses during these operations.

Maxiren XDS will be inactive after pasteurization at temperatures between 66ºC to 73ºC, relieving cheese producers of the concern over residual rennet activity in their whey.

The ingredient is a bovine chymosin and is as thermo-labile as other bovine chymosins on the market.