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Europe: BASF releases adhesives fit for recycling process

BASF unveils adhesives, Acronal RCF 3705 and Acronal RCF 3706, that do not interfere with the recycling of transport boxes, such as paperboard and cardboard boxes with paper labels coated with them.

Both adhesives have been certified by “Papiertechnische Stiftung” (PTS) for this property.

PTS is a German research and service institute that supports companies in all sectors in the development and application of modern fiber-based solutions.

The institute carries out materials testing for paper and cardboard packaging.

“As we work to achieve worldwide climate neutrality, greater circularity and more effective recycling are a must,” said Uwe Düsterwald, project manager, Sustainability in Adhesives, BASF.

“By developing the recycling friendly adhesives Acronal RCF 3705 and Acronal RCF 3706, BASF has made a decisive contribution towards more sustainable labeling, for example in the logistics sector.”

While most of the adhesives used for paper labels interfere with the paper recycling process, the newly developed adhesives are easy to remove early in the process, making it possible to reuse and print recycled paper or paperboard packaging without any further issues.

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