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Americas: Kemin Industries release tortilla guide online

Kemin Industries has introduced the Kemin Flour Tortilla Guide, a downloadable performance resource with troubleshooting checklist, to help tortilla manufacturers resolve common performance challenges they may encounter during the manufacturing process.

In the guide, Kemin Food Technologies – Americas examines 12 of the most common tortilla manufacturing problems and features various solutions to each challenge.

Manufacturers can search the guide for remedies to issues with which they might be struggling.

The guide also includes basic troubleshooting steps to resolve common processes and manufacturing challenges.

It also defines quality and equipment terms, such as:
– Tough dough/Hard dough: Difficult to press; rough, broken edges,
– Sticky dough: Sticks to hot plate; broken,
– Off-shaped tortilla: Poor-appearance edges; lacing,
– Pillowing: Sticking; peeling off,
– Extensibility: Ability to fold/roll and stretch without cracks or tears,
– Zippering: Sound produced when tortillas are separated; indicates sticking will start soon,
– Alveograph: Instrument that measures gluten strength, and
– Farinograph: Instrument to measure dough and gluten properties.

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