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Europe: All hands on deck to create the moisture-resistant bakery coating for baked goods, says Blendhub

Azucarera has launched moisture-resistant bakery coating that maintains its consistency and texture after defrosting and is the first on the market not to contain palm oil.

This is a result of a collaborative with Blendhub.

Sergio Bravo, hub manager Spain at Blendhub tells Food News International more on the collaboration and the co-creation process.

FNI: How did the collaboration to create the coating come about between Azucarera and Blendhub?

Bravo: We had already worked with Azucarera in the past and the company was looking to improve the performance of the coating while including a sustainable sunflower oil.

It chose us as Blendhub counts on a global network of specialized freelance formulators from which we identify for each challenge and client the most suitable ones to guarantee unique and pioneering products in the market.

FNI: What applications would the coating be most applicable to? What gains would food manufacturers see with the new product?

Bravo: This product solves problems when using sugar to decorate confectionery and pastries, such as moistening, agglomeration and dissolution during baking, since it is more heat resistant than current products in the market.

It can be applied to pastry that needs to be sprinkled with sugar, such as fritters, doughnuts, Belem cakes, ensaimadas, Santiago cake and millefeuilles.
This ingredient features an anti-moisture effect with a clean taste.

And, in terms of competitiveness, it is much more attractive than other sugars in the market because it contains sunflower oil.

FNI: Could you share some interesting insights/anecdotal instances that happened during the collaboration?

Bravo: What I can openly share is the overall willingness to help and collaborate in every piece of this puzzle.

Azucarera, Blendhub and the freelance formulators in the community were eager to develop the product in a timely, fairly priced and sustainable manner.

Working with value-aligned people for a common goal has created the right environment for ideas to succeed.

It took less than six months to design the recipe, create the coating at a laboratory scale and test it at an industrial scale.

Later, we got the product to market and consumers.

It took us 10 months for the project from start to finish.

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