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Americas: Stand-up pouch for convenience, shelf impact


Consolidated Packaging Group introduces a pouch that has a flat bottom for stability while the quad-sealed side-gussets provide rigidity, framing the five display panels for shelf impact and brand awareness.

It is available in numerous sizes, printed using HD 175-line screen Flexo in up to 10 colors.

The pouch’s film structures are designed to meet various oxygen and moisture barrier property requirements.

Manufacturers can use different films on a package, such as having a metalized, foil or matte finish front panel with a clear material on the side panels to reveal the product inside the package.

Fitted with re-closeable options such as Press-To-Close, Aplix or Velcro zippers, the pouch provides enhanced consumer convenience.

Market applications for the flat-bottom pouch include foods, pet care products, confections, snacks, nutraceuticals, lawn and garden products, consumer products, health and beauty.