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Europe: Barry Callebaut opens center in Italy


Barry Callebaut opens its 20th Chocolate Academy center in Milan, Italy, led by Davide Comaschi, winner of 2013’s World Chocolate Masters.

“The success of our recent academy openings in Moscow, Dubai and Istanbul makes me confident that our new academy in Milan will turn out to be very successful very soon too, and I am sure that with this we have created something really beautiful for Italy, and even more so for the city of Milan,” said Massimo Garavaglia, president EMEA.

“The special thing with this academy is that it will be Italian in the best sense of the word, led by Davide Comaschi, an Italian chef who has collected a great experience in recent years – this excellence and creativity are difficult to find and really valuable for us.”

“In addition, it will be the first academy to develop recipes for artisanal gelato with real Belgian chocolate.”