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Europe: Software syncs all inspection system data for FSMA

Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection has launched the enhanced ProdX 2.0 data management software system that connects product inspection equipment across the entire production line into an unified network.

Designed for use on food lines, as well as in pharmaceutical and chemical processing, the system can collect in-depth data about productivity and product quality issues, such as foreign body contamination, and access it in real time from one location.

ProdX 2.0 records the date, time, location of the reject, and the reason for removal.

It also stores verifying documentation about the active managerial control measures taken to prevent incidents re-occurring in the future.

This ensures compliance with the new Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventative Controls requirements of the FSMA, and with those of a wide range of international food standards approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative, as well as pharmaceutical and product quality guidelines.

ProdX 2.0 can manage data from x-ray systems, metal detectors, checkweighers and vision inspection equipment.

It can store x-ray and vision inspection images of rejected packs for further analysis of rejection incidents by operatives at a later date.

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