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Europe: Polish Vodka brand dons PET bottles


Polish Vodka brand Sobieski is marketing its 1.75L premium product in plastic bottles from Greiner Packaging.

Part of the Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits Group, Sobieski stands for first-class premium vodka.

It enjoys great popularity, especially in North America for its purity and various flavors.

A 1.75L bottle made of plastic was especially conceived for the local market, where it should be a convincing alternative not just because of its highly valuable content, but also because of its look and practicality.

As opposed to glass bottles, the lightweight bottle makes transport from producer to the point of sale simpler and helps save on carbon dioxide emissions.

In addition, the risk of breakage is reduced, consequently preventing potential product rejects.

After the vodka has been used up, the bottle can also be reused any number of times by the consumers.

The PET bottles reportedly meet environmental demands since they can be easily recycled and reused.

That means many plastic bottles become just plain bottles again, and fibers made from recycled PET are being used more and more in the textile industry as well, such as in the production of fleece products.