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Asia Pacific: Siemens opens consultancy for factory competitiveness


Siemens has opened its Digital Factory Manufacturing Design Consultancy in Singapore to assist companies assess the current state of their facilities, and thereafter structure a meaningful Industry 4.0 transformation roadmap to digitalize their factories.

With applications such as next-level automation, predictive maintenance and remote monitoring, digitalization can help manufacturers improve their quality, productivity, flexibility, efficiency, throughput time and time-to-market.

The consultancy will cover Singapore and the other Southeast Asian markets, which are also facing increasing challenges to remain competitive.

The consultancy possesses both the technical expertise and product portfolio to propose effective technology improvements to help customers not only optimize their manufacturing processes, but also digitalize their assets and machineries to enable analytics to better manage operations on a facility-wide level.

Supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), this consultancy plugs a critical capability gap in the market, as while manufacturers, especially in markets like Singapore, are keen to digitalize their factories to remain competitive, many lack the knowledge and expertise of the smaller steps they can take to do so.

“By helping producers to develop digitalization roadmaps, the Digital Factory Manufacturing Design Consultancy will be an important partner to promote the adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies in Singapore,” said EDB MD Yeoh Keat Chuan.