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Europe: Sidel receives accreditation for safe practices


For the fifth year in succession, Sidel has been awarded accreditation for its commitment to achieving excellence in the management of health and safety practices in its activities.

It received the award from SAFEcontractor, a third-party accreditation scheme that recognizes high standards in health and safety management.

The accreditation mainly focuses on the activities and practices of Sidel’s employees as they carry out their duties in line with the company’s health, safety and environment group procedures on customers’ sites.

The SAFEcontractor scheme is used by many large organizations as a means of sourcing a competent contractor.

Under the scheme, organizations undergo a screening process to examine the health and safety procedures put in place and effectively carried out – as well as their track record for safe working.

The aim is to determine whether good standards of safety are followed in performing all aspects of the work undertaken and, in doing so, minimizing the risk of accidents.

Safety audits and other relevant procedures are undertaken on all sites and those people designated to carry out work on the company’s behalf require good knowledge and understanding of health and safety practices.