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Europe: UPM Raflatac contributes to LCA guidelines in region

FINAT and TLMI have cooperated to provide lifecycle assessment guidelines for the self-adhesive label industry.

UPM Raflatac has been actively contributing to the preparatory work for these guidelines.

The new guidelines were introduced at the FINAT Technical seminar in Barcelona, Spain earlier this spring.

Lifecycle assessment has established itself as the primary tool for assessing the environmental impacts of products in the self-adhesive label industry.

Growing interest in the environmental performance of label products has become evident from an increasing number of stakeholder enquiries.

The new guidelines utilize information from two lifecycle assessment case studies conducted by PRé Consultants.

The studies indicate that the environmental impacts of a label’s lifecycle are distributed over a variety of processes, but centered mainly on the raw material selection and printing stages.

Recycling or reducing label matrix and liner waste was also recognized as significantly reducing the overall environmental impacts of the self-adhesive label lifecycle.