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Americas: New donut line reduces waste to 5%


WP Kemper releases the Evolution roll line with the integrated donut module.

Unlike current production processes, where the dough pieces have inner and outer cutting edges, the WP Kemper donut module cuts the dough pieces on the inner side.

This one cutting edge produces a better skin on the product and with that a reduced fat absorption, because the skin of the dough piece isolates the dough and slows down the absorption of fat.

This enables manufacturers to have 5% in dough waste instead of 35% experienced in the market, resulting in significant raw material savings for the baker.

An Evolution roll line with the new donut module is now in production for a bakery in Belgium.

The challenge for WP Kemper was the sheer size of the line; consisting of head machine, three proofing cabinets, various modules and a set down unit, the line measures 78 feet long and is 19 feet tall.