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India: Arjuna invests US$1.5M in curcumin research

India’s Arjuna Natural is investing more than 10% of its total turnover in a clinical research program to explore the health benefits of its turmeric curcumin, a potent antioxidant, and other new healthy ingredients, all to be launched in 2016.

This includes a total investment of more than US$1.5 million in studies on curcumin.

Extensive research is being conducted in universities and institutes in India, Australia, Italy, the US and Japan on BCM-95, Arjuna’s all-natural curcumin.

Twelve clinical studies of turmeric curcumin, covering a range of conditions that include depression, Alzheimer disease, cancer and others, are ongoing.

Arjuna’s genetically modified organism-free curcumin is reportedly highly bioavailable due to the synergy between the curcumin and the compound ar-turmerone, an essential oil component of turmeric.

The patented formulation method involves extracting the maximum amount of free curcumin, without synthetic additives.

All raw materials used are traceable, which ensures BCM-95 is the most trusted bioavailable source of curcumin.

Two dozen studies support the health benefits of BCM-95 Curcumin extract.

“Arjuna meets the new European 2015/1933 PAH regulation that sets maximum levels of PAHs [polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon] in food supplements,” says joint MD Benny Antony.

“This bioactive ingredient is free from pesticides and heavy metals. Arjuna invested in the most advanced quality control equipment to meet the new EU regulations, and to ensure all products are clean and safe.”

The company will exhibit the ingredient at Vitafoods in Geneva in May 2016.

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