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Asia Pacific: NUS, beverage company create eucheuma-based beverages


Researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have developed eucheuma-based beverages with no added sugar and preservative-free.

The sweetness comes from natural honey or fruit or herbal extracts and food grade hydrocolloids were used to evenly distribute the ingredients in the beverage system, which makes it appealing to consumers.

Eucheuma, a category of edible red seaweed mostly grows in Southeast Asia, is reportedly high in crude protein, dietary fiber, omega-3 fatty acid, vitamin C and minerals.

It has properties of both seafood and vegetables.

Regular consumption of eucheuma will help improve body functions, including promoting healthy digestion and preventing colon cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

It can also lower blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels and promote brain development, anti-aging and help tissue repair.

Beverage flavors

With the input from a team of food science and technology students from NUS’ from the Food Science and Technology Programme at the Department of Chemistry, researchers and YGC Group, more new products have been developed: osmanthus honey eucheuma drink and orange eucheuma drink.

The Faculty of Science NUS, and YGC Group, have also signed a Research Collaboration Agreement to further promote joint research and development in healthy food products.