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Europe: Givaudan celebrates 10 years of ethical sourcing

Givaudan is holding the event ‘Ten years of Ethical Sourcing’ in Paris, France from January 18 to 22, 2016 to showcases natural ingredients such as tonka beans from Venezuela, ylang ylang from Mohéli, vetiver from Haiti, patchouli from Indonesia and cistus from Spain.

The company began pioneering an ethical sourcing approach in the fragrance and flavors industry a decade ago.

Starting out with partnerships with local producers, it now uses different sourcing models including its own collection networks.

Givaudan’s Origination team creates a human chain from growers to consumers by deploying dedicated employees in the countries of origin, fostering best practices in sourcing and ensuring that producers and local communities benefit in the long-term from supplying the industry.

Sourcing natural ingredients also provides new opportunities for creative stimulation and innovation.

Exploring raw materials at the source and combining them with ingredients obtained through the latest techniques such as bioscience has led to innovations like Akigalawood, a new natural product derived from patchouli, and Roasted Tonka, an intense aroma obtained through an exclusive roasting process.

These techniques provide Givaudan’s perfumers and flavorists new ways of working with naturals and further enrich the palette of over 200 of natural ingredients such as sandalwood, tonka bean, benzoin, vanilla, ylang ylang, lavender, vetiver, patchouli and cistus.